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Justin Liau
Advocate & Solicitor
LLB (Hons) (London)
Barrister-at-Law (Middle Temple)
Diploma in Computer Studies
Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science

Law can be a matter of common sense or logic or intricate legal principles or a combination of all the foregoing.

Our firm’s solicitor, Mr Justin Liau, has been in legal practice for more than 13 years. Passion is what makes him continue with this profession. He has done diverse cases in different area of law. His clients range from individual to company. However, majority of his cases come from the community. He holds the belief that everyone should have equal access to justice or law. He has done many assigned cases from Legal Aid Bureau and is also doing cases from Criminal Legal Aid Scheme.

In addition to his legal qualification, he holds a Diploma in Computer Studies and is trained in information technology. He has also completed his Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science and this has added value to his sports law practice. He is bilingual and is able to write and speak Mandarin fluently.

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Our Singapore lawyer provides affordable legal services consisting of • Court hearing / trial on the issue of liability and quantum • Civil claims • Insurance litigation • Order 14 application • Striking out application • Landlord and tenant disputes • Divorce / matrimonial proceedings (contested and uncontested) • Maintenance proceedings • Letter of administration and probate • Representation / Mitigation for traffic, IRAS, ACRA and criminal offences • Private summons • Industrial accident claims • Application under the Mental Capacity Act • Trademark registration • Will / Power of attorney • Drafting of contract / agreement (Domestic agreement / contract, Landlord and tenant agreement / contract, Commercial agreement / contract of different subject matters, Franchise agreement, Loan agreement, Service agreement, Hardware / software license agreement, Maintenance agreement, Review terms and conditions of existing agreement / contract) • Sports law / law in sports (Injury during sports, Exclusion of liability at sporting events, Consent, Anti-doping codes, Duties and responsibilities of organizers and sports personnel) • Others (Defend party in court proceedings of all nature, Recovery of debt in the form of loan and outstanding invoices, Salary arrears, Employment issues, Domestic agreement disputes, Disputes over terms and conditions of contract / agreement, Landlord / tenant disputes, Neighbour disputes, Commercial / company matters, Insurance litigation which include personal injury and property damage, Criminal matters which include traffic offences, drink driving, drug offences, illegal money lending, theft, Immigration issues) • Self representation in court (Advice on the procedural aspect of litigation, Draft affidavit, Prepare submission, Legal research). He is the assigned solicitor for the Legal Aid Bureau, CLAS and Commissioner for Oaths. He is well-versed in Chinese language.